Rochester Precision Optics

RPO Environmental UnitMarch 2, 2012
This Design-Build project in partnership with Nichols Construction Team, consisted of two building additions of approximately 36,000 square feet, one with two-story offices and the other containing a 7,000 square foot ISO Class-3 clean room. Cogenic installed new hot and chilled water supply and return piping systems connected to the existing mechanical room. Seven new variable speed air handlers with hot and cold coils and fresh air economizers were suspended throughout with variable air volume terminal units containing hydronic reheat coils. A new DDC automated control system was installed to manage the new equipment and integrate with the existing DDC controls.

The clean room equipment included four high volume air handling units connected into an air distribution system with terminal HEPA boxes. A make up air unit with mechanical refrigeration, steam generating humidifier, and hot and chilled water coils were included to provide monitored positive pressure, plus room temperature and humidity control.