Isaac “Ike” Heller, President, I. Heller Construction

Because of your design capability as well as your integrity, yours is the only subcontractor that has done 100% of our heating/air-conditioning work throughout the country for the past 28 years.

Gary Alper, President, GFA Development Company

The design/build contractor of a major project is responsible for building an efficient and well designed building within budgetary constraints. Working with Joe Lancaster of Cogenic Mechanical as part of the team assures us that the necessary results will be achieved. Joe Lancaster is meticulous about his company’s work and that allows GFA Development Company the luxury of knowing that we have contracted with the best. Joe is adept at presenting the cost saving alternatives to the proposed scope of work depending upon our client’s wishes. It is a pleasure working with Cogenic Mechanical.

Douglas Coombs, Technical Director, Swanke Hayden Connell Architects

I have worked with Joseph on a variety of projects, the last one being a highly designed residential condo. In the many projects I have worked with Joseph, he has shown professionalism, completing the work within budget and on time. From my experience working with Joseph, I will not hesitate to recommend him for any assignment.

Trevor Harrison, Managing Partner, HBT Architects

I have known Joe for many years as both a friend and a business partner. Joe brings passion and innovation to his work. While we have not had an opportunity to collaborate recently, I know that my firm will consider Joe and Cogenic Mechanical for projects in the future.

Jeff Bidell, Sr. Energy/Mechanical Engineer, Clough Harbour & Associates Consulting

I have worked with Joe and his company Cogenic, on several projects. He has always provided excellent and timely service, innovative and cost effective solutions. It really is a pleasure to work with Joe and his team.

John Mayorek, Sr. Vice President, Conair Corporation

Conair has been affiliated with Joe Lancaster and Cogenic Mechanical for over 30 years and Joe and his company have done an excellent job in servicing our heating and air conditioning units. His staff is extremely well trained and they are consistently professional in all of their work. They have always responded quickly to all service calls and completed the job to our satisfaction. I would highly recommend Cogenic to anyone that needs a professional company to keep their facility running efficiently.

Richard S. Comella, Navalis Construction Services

Cogenic Mechanical has performed many HVAC projects for us at Navalis Construction Services for many years. Joe has been great to work with, and we can depend on his insight and knowledge of the mechanical business. He has helped us with our Design-Build projects working together as a team to deliver successful projects over and over again.

Frederick Kurtz, VP/PM, Heller Industrial Parks, Inc.

Joe has been handling most of our HVAC work for the past 20 years. He applies his lifetime experience and depth of knowledge to all of his work, which is always evidenced in the final product. From repairs and maintenance to new HVAC systems, Joe continues to be our preferred vendor.

Warren Grover, President, AWG Realty

We  at MDM Technologies and AWG Realty,  have been doing business with Joe Lancaster and Cogenic since 1984. Over the years they have done over $2,000,000 with these entities for HVAC and electrical work. They have always been dependable, easy to work with, reasonably priced and most importantly impeccably honest. I hope to continue doing business with them another 29 years.

Barry E. Milowitz, AIA, FARA, Principal, DCAK-MSA

I have known Cogenic professionally for several years. Joe Lancaster is an excellent coordinator and decision maker. Joe has always helped bring projects to appropriate conclusions. We have worked together on numerous projects ranging in scope, his prices are always competitive and projects are completed on time and within budget.