Fond du Lac Cold Storage

Fond Du Lac RefrigerationApril 18, 2011
Three facilities totaling 230,000 sq ft of cool (+60) storage. Rooftop cooling system with interior condensate drainage and a 3,300 sq ft +40 cooler box designed and installed by Cogenic.

The Customer’s Situation

Fond du Lac, a Wisconsin-based fine food and wine distributor, wished to provide a temperature-controlled environment for short-term storage and distribution of perishable goods in a 55,000 square-foot warehouse. The company considered two options — constructing a cooler box or installing refrigeration equipment. Both choices proved to be too expensive and did not work with Fond du Lac’s business plan. They called Cogenic Mechanical to see what opportunities we could create to develop a lower-cost, efficient alternative.

What We Did

Cogenic helped Fond du Lac determine that a constant 60-degree temperature would be adequate to achieve the company’s storage environment needs. Based on this clarification, Cogenic recommended the use of packaged rooftop equipment which has a low limit to operation right at the 60-degree point. The project proceeded based on Cogenic’s temperature guarantee. A helicopter was employed to set the equipment equally around the roof, and fixed temperature thermostats were used to deter employee tampering. Once start-up of the project was completed, space temperature reached the set point within 24 hours.

The Results

Fond du Lac’s costs for the installation proved to be half the cost of the refrigeration equipment.

Due to the success of the project, Fond du Lac was able to expand their clientele. Based on that success, Fond du Lac hired Cogenic to design and install a similar rooftop system in an 84,000 square-foot warehouse. Cogenic’s innovative team improved upon the installation with the addition of an interior condensate drain system.

Further Success

More expansion followed for Fond du Lac with a third installation completed by Cogenic in another 89,000 square foot building in 2006, and a forth installation  of 70,000 square feet in 2009. A fifth installation is currently in planning.

Cogenic’s expert Preventive Maintenance Crew services and maintains the equipment for each installation.

Cogenic created and implemented cost-efficient, permanent, high-quality solutions sensitive to the roof’s integrity, and adequately controlled condensate water run-off. The result was an increase in client growth along with significant financial savings for Fond du Lac.